Promoting Health, Engaging Communities, Changing Lives

Research Interests: Effectiveness of health coaching, Worksite Health Promotion, Chronic Disease Prevention & Management.
AP Assistant Professor
Research Interests: health disparities, breast cancer treatment among African American women, fast-food consumption among African Americans, menu-labeling in fast-food chains, racial equity.
Research Interests: Chronic disease, symptom management, quality of life in neurofibromatosis, quantitative research design, statistical methods for the study of change.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Social epidemiology, understanding social inequalities in cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular health behaviors, particularly physical inactivity, diabetes, and smoking.
Dean of DCL, Professor
Research Interests: Worksite health promotion; distance education; design, implementation, and evaluation of health education programs; health behavior theory.
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: HIV prevention, social determinants of health, quantitative methodology, structural interventions.
Scientific Coordinator of the Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness
Student-athlete wellness including alcohol and other drug prevention programming development and evaluation
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Public health systems and services research including public health infrastructure, workforce development, inter-organizational relationships, and determinants of evidence-based public health strategies to address population health, health disparities and the social determinants of health.
AP Professor
Research Interests: Health Coaching, sexual health, health equity, community engaged research
Assistant Professor, Associate Director of the Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness
Research Interests: Adolescent Health, Athlete health and wellness, College health (alcohol and other drug use prevention, physical activity & sexual health promotion), Prevention science (program/intervention development and evaluation).
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Global health, refugee and immigrant health, HIV prevention, community-based participatory research.
Professor, Department Chair
Research Interests: Women's health, marginalized motherhoods, qualitative methodology, research poetics.
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: health disparities, health equity, firearm violence prevention, cardiovascular health and community engagement, associations between chronic exposure to violence and cardiovascular health outcomes.
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Research Interests: Worksite health promotion and sports performance enhancers and athletes.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Tobacco-related health disparities; socio-ecological influences on tobacco use behavior among racial/ethnic minorities
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Adolescent and college student health, social networks, diffusion of intervention effects, health risk behaviors (e.g., substance use, delinquency); prevention science, longitudinal research design and methodology.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Bicycling and the built-environment, injury prevention and bicycling
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Photovoice methodology, policy/advocacy, program planning/evaluation, health issues of adolescents.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, adolescent health, health disparities, prevention science, and community engagement.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Athlete health and wellness, drug and alcohol prevention, intervention development, college health promotion (Director of the Institute to Promote Athlete Health and Wellness).
AP Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Research Interests: Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR), racial health disparities in cancer treatment, barriers to healthcare for Latinos with limited English, community leadership in addressing health disparities, institutional/organizational systems changes.
Professor, Director of The Center for Women's Health and Wellness
Research Interests: Women's health, breastfeeding and feminism, gender-based violence, healthy sexuality.