Paul Chelimo: A Public Health Advocate, and Olympic Silver Medalist

History was made at the Rio 2016 Olympics! Paul Chelimo, silver medalist in the 5,000-meter

race, made history when he crossed the finish line. The first Olympian to graduate from UNCG,

Paul is the first American citizen to win the 5,000-meter race since 1964. The elation that Paul

has brought to our campus is immeasurable and makes it hardly impossible to quell our campus

over his achievement!


A graduate from the Public Health Education department in the College of Health and Human

Sciences, Paul is proud to share his passion in public health. He openly shares his devotion to

environmental health, stemming from witnessing water contamination plaguing his native



Undoubtedly, Paul represents what a true Spartan is on and off the track! His unmatched speed

is coupled with his remarkable traits. Through perseverance, discipline and passion Paul

continues to serve as a role model for many Spartans at UNCG!