Scholars in the Classroom, Leaders in Local and Global Communities

UNCG’s Department of Public Health Education (PHE) is not only preparing the next generation of scholars in the classroom, but also preparing leaders to advocate for those in our local and global communities.

Public Health Majors Shavette Campbell and Lauren Koop have recently been working with the opening chapter of “Days for Girls” at UNCG.  

The purpose of the group, “is to improve the lives of young girls around the world by providing them with sustainable resources necessary to focus and flourish in their education as well as their communities,” Koop states.  “We are aiding in the process of providing young girls with the ability to discover their potential and self-value through education and agents of social change.  Girls and women in poverty struggle with basic needs, such as not having access to sustainable feminine hygiene products. For a young woman, that means days without school, days without income, and days without leaving the house.”

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Students share the mission of Days for Girls with students at the Vagina Monologues event. Photo courtesy of Lauren Koop.

The Days for Girls kits contain quality sustainable feminine hygiene products. “With the creation of these kits, these young women will no longer have to miss even a day of school due to menstruation,” Koop states.

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Kits typically include items such as fabric, washcloths, panties, ziplock bags and soaps. Photo courtesy of DaysForGirls.

The UNCG Days for Girls chapter has been hosting tabling events in the Elliot University Center, working to collect materials to create the kits.

“We have been contacting local businesses for materials as well as organizations on UNCG’s campus that want to get involved with the drive we are doing,” Koop stated.

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Pictured Left to right, Shavette Campbell, Lauren Koop, Yenifer Serrano. Photo Courtesy of Lauren Koop.

“This issue is key to social change for women all over the world. The cycle of poverty can only be broken when young women have the ability to stay in school and earn an education,” Koop states.

To learn more about our students and this initiative, you may visit their GoFundMe page or the DaysForGirls website.