Tou Vang, MPH

Promoting Health, Engaging Communities, Changing Lives

Tou Vang, MPH

Tou Vang is a two-time graduate from the Department of Public Health Education. He earned his MPH in 2016, and now works as an AGE Allied Health Adviser and Adjunct Instructor at Stanly Community College.


Alumni Q&A

Written by: Khristian Curry

How did you become interested in Public Health?

My first introduction to the field of Public Health was in 2010. I took a Human Sexuality course with Dr. Warner McGee. He brought me out of my shell and broke the ice down and made me comfortable with talking about human anatomy and sexual and reproductive health, specifically among adolescents.

Can you tell us about your work at Stanly Community College?

Right now, I teach general education courses. I hope to get into teaching health perspective courses soon. As an adviser, I make sure we promote the health fields within the community college and to our community members. I am part of committees that discuss and develop plans to create awareness like flyers and promotional materials that will get us more students enrolled in courses. As the only adviser there, I’m the primary contact for all prospective students and current students.

How has the PHE program prepared you for your work?

The Public Health program has really prepared me to do my research. At the community college we really look at data, like student retention and student enrollees. That is how we gauge where we need to be. If we are lacking in a field, we need to reevaluate our goals and see how we can reach students, reach the community, and see what type of programs they want. We have community meetings at the college where community members can come out and voice their opinions, and we try to readjust and deliver that to them. It’s really not about us, it’s not about the paycheck. It’s about serving our community and making sure that we are offering what they want.

What do current and prospective students need to know about UNCG Public Health Education program?

Really listen to what the professors are telling you and while the professors are there to help you. Remember that your peers are a resource as well. Reach out to them, because they may have some affiliation with other organizations. From my experience, I really depended on my peers to have that core system and I learned from them.